Meet pioneers of sustainable energy at E-world 2020

11 - 13 February 2020

Meet pioneers of sustainable energy at E-world 2020

EIT InnoEnergy will be bringing eleven of its most exciting start-ups to this year’s E-world conference in Essen. Ranging from energy storage solutions to software-based energy-sharing platforms, these ambitious start-ups have their sights set on revolutionizing the energy industry.

Join us to learn more about these innovations and how they are set to change the face of energy.

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Munich-based home storage company VoltStorage is the first company to use Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology to produce an environmentally friendly alternative to lithium-ion based battery systems. Not only does VoltStorage’s technology provide reliable energy storage, it does so while achieving 37% CO2 emissions savings over traditional lithium-ion systems. VoltStorage’s SMART storage system is produced without the use of rare earth and conflict minerals, has a long operational life, and is completely recyclable.

Country: Germany


Meet VoltStorage at E-world


Norwegian EV charging infrastructure provider Meshcrafts develops charging infrastructure with a wider perspective on Smart City, Smart Grid, and Smart Transportation. Meshcrafts has established itself as a leader in the emerging field of vehicle-to-grid-connectivity, allowing EV batteries to connect to the grid and provide energy storage when not in use. In addition, Meshcrafts’ EVBnB community provides a new revenue stream to the owners of private chargers willing to open them up to other users. This allows charging infrastructure to grow more rapidly to meet growing demand.

Country: Norway


Meet Meshcrafts at E-world


OxyPower HTC™ is a new way to convert sludge and wet biomass into dry biocoal and biogas, neatly solving a costly disposal problem for waste-water treatment plants, pulp mills, and other sludge producers. The biocoal is a sterile and compact biofuel, suitable for energy generation and nitrogen and phosphorus recovery. The ultra-energy-efficient OxyPower HTC™ process saves costs by generating heat directly from the sludge. A full-scale plant is currently in operation at Stora Enso’s paper mill in Heinola, Finland.


Meet C-Green at E-world

GreenStone Energy

GreenStone energy has a vision to bring the energy industry forward using some of the transformative technologies shaping much of our society. Employing AI and machine learning, GreenStone develops software and algorithms to allow energy producers, utility companies and software developers to better serve consumers in a rapidly changing energy economy. Ease of use, transparency and efficiency are at the heart of GreenStone Energy’s offerings, providing a platform for power plants and private individuals alike to connect and sell surplus energy.

Country: Germany


Meet GreenStone at E-world


Pionierkraft offers a sensor-based solar energy-sharing system that allows prosumers to profit off of their solar PV assets. With Germany’s feed in tariff scheme set to run out, and with rising electricity prices, Pionierkraft looks to increase the amount of energy consumed on site, while offering self generated energy for sale on a secure, operator friendly platform. Founded in 2019 in Munich, Pionierkraft looks to take advantage of changing market dynamics to provide an innovative and economically attractive service to prosumers.

Country: Germany


Meet Pionierkraft at E-world


Founded as a spin-off from Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, volterion is a leader in energy converters for redox flow batteries, known simply as stacks. Focusing on the developments of these stacks, volterion was able to develop an efficient overall system. volterion has leveraged its expertise in redox flow battery stacks to develop innovative, scalable energy systems that can be used in many different applications. Volterion has already won a multitude of start-up awards and looks primed for further growth.

Country: Germany


Meet Volterion at E-world


Enline offers real-time monitoring and diagnostics services for the global power transmission market, using data digitalization and analytics powered by artificial intelligence to greatly improve on age-old processes. Founded in Portugal in 2018, Enline creates a reliable digital twin for transmission line systems, unlocking the ability to compare real time transmission with what a system has been designed to deliver. Enline’s technological innovations help deliver reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs, while reducing operational risks and offering increased asset effeciency, availability, and reliability.

Country: Portugal


Meet Enline at E-world


Headquartered in Amsterdam, FlexiDAO is a software provider aiming to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized and decentralized energy industry. FlexiDAO’s mission is to effectively coordinate millions of distributed energy resources into the grid. For that purpose, FlexiDAO offers utilities white-label blockchain applications on top of a middleware platform that can access any blockchain infrastructure in an enterprise-grade, secure way. FlexiDAO’s  flagship product REspring then allows consumers to select where their energy is coming from in real time while showing the corresponding carbon footprint, conveniently and securely.

Country: Netherlands


Meet FlexiDAO at E-world


vilisto aims to transform non-residential heating through intuitive, AI-powered, self-learning heat management solution capable of achieving 40% savings on heating energy. The goal of vilisto is to better manage the heating and cooling of buildings; keeping buildings comfortable while in use, and reducing energy use when buildings are not in use. vilisto’s energy-saving solution enables utilities to better navigate the changing energy landscape by offering customer-centric, environmentally responsible services.

Country: Germany


Meet vilisto at E-world


OmegaLambdaTec, a data analysis solution provider based in Munich, has turned its attention to water leakage detection solutions, to great results. Winning the 175th Unicorn Battle in Berlin, OmegaLambdaTec’s technology offers up to a 90% cost reduction in leak localization, and allows drinking water leaks to be detected up to 5 times faster. This not only cuts costs for providers, but it greatly strengthens the sustainability and reliability of municipal water supplies. OmegaLambdaTec will bring its technology to the global finale of the Unicorn Battle in Silicon Valley in April 2020.

Country: Germany


Meet OmegaLambdaTec at E-world


German Startup securiThon is working to empower companies to take control of their IT security. securiThon’s securiCAD software gives those responsible for IT security a wealth of tools to better manage and protect digital infrastructure and assets. As an integrated threat modelling tool, securiCAD is a valuable tool in improving existing IT systems, planning new systems from the ground up, and redirecting budgets to provide the best security for every scenario. The software offers the opportunity to run sophisticated simulations to ensure the best measures can be implemented.

Country: Germany


Meet securiThon at E-world
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